Veterinary Assistant

As a Veterinary Assistant, you will be responsible for assisting the veterinarian and technicians with various appointments and tasks throughout the day. You will be responsible for patient care, stall maintenance, clinic cleaning, record keeping, and other tasks as needed by the veterinary staff. As a veterinary assistant, you may be asked to assist the front desk to assist with answering phones, responding to emails, keeping up with client needs, and various record keeping. This position requires attention to detail, avid record-keeping skills, customer service skills, flexibility, computer literacy, and the ability to take initiative on miscellaneous tasks.

Ready to Apply?

  1. Complete the employment application
  2. Send the completed application, your resume, and cover letter to
  3. Title the subject line “Attn: Hiring Manager – ‘Put the name of the position you are applying for here’”

Hiring Process:

  1. Phone Interview – If you are a good fit the hiring manager will reach out to you to set up a brief phone interview to answer questions and hear more about your interest in working at our clinic
  2. In-person formal Interview – This interview will take place with the hiring manager at the clinic and will typically be between 30 minutes and 1 hour
  3. In-person informal Interview –  This interview will give you an opportunity to see a day in the life at our clinic and give you a chance to meet our staff. You will be informally interviewed by senior staff members during this day-long experience.
  4. Job Offer – If you are a good fit our hiring manager will send you a job offer letter for your signature
  5. Onboarding Process – Once the job offer letter has been signed your start date and paperwork will be completed
  6. Hired! – Training Process – On day one, training begins!