Dr. Kelsey Clancy


A Northern California native with an inherent love for animals, Dr. Kelsey Clancy’s journey to veterinary medicine began in Danville, where her childhood was notably marked by her time spent at her uncle’s cattle ranch. It was there she formed an inseparable bond with her pony Cleopatra and embraced the traditions of Western riding. Her early passion for the care of animals, both grand and small, charted the course towards her life’s calling. Dr. Clancy pursued her academic foundation in Animal Science, achieving her Bachelor’s degree with a certification in Pre-Veterinary Medicine from Montana State University in Bozeman. Her affection for the great outdoors flourished amidst the stunning backdrop of Montana’s rugged terrains, where she balanced her rigorous studies with the joys of hiking, camping, and snowboarding. Her ambitions took an international turn when she was encouraged to apply to veterinary schools abroad. This leap led to her acceptance at the prestigious Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies at the University of Edinburgh, where she graduated with distinction in June 2023. Dr. Clancy’s academic career culminated in a remarkable dissertation on equine dentistry, an area that sparks her enthusiasm and expertise. Before her graduation, Dr. Clancy embraced a hands-on internship at an equine veterinary practice in Colorado, where her family had resettled. This experience solidified her resolve to launch her career in the Centennial State. As an associate at the Colorado Equine Clinic, Dr. Clancy’s mission is to extend the breadth of her veterinary proficiency, delivering exemplary care to equine patients and fostering strong communities with their owners. With aspirations of one day establishing a ranch of her own, she envisions a future surrounded by her cherished companions, Fiddler the dog, and Jasper the cat. Beyond her professional endeavors, Dr. Clancy finds serenity in outdoor pursuits, creative baking, crafting, and the solace of a compelling read.

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